Welcome to the Vigilante Resource Center

This site will serve as a learning center for new and existing team members. Remember we are still under construction so some pages will be unfinished for now but rest assured this is a project that will continue to grow for years to come.  We are already shooting videos and creating power point training presentations. This site will consist of three main sections.

The NEW TEAM MEMBER site will be a resource to help train new team members how we do things here as Vigilante.

The RESOURCES site will have a calendar of events showing when training will take place, a calendar with the on-call schedule, Videos of training in house training that you could go back and review for instance the steam class we did on October 2nd is now ready for viewing. The site will also have important links to help all of us make this a better place to work.

And of course The MTT Site.  This site is a culmination of about six years of planning it is a comprehensive staged training program designed to take an individual for completely “green” and train them to a fully competent field technician.  Aww heck!! Forget competent these men and woman a gonna be rock stars in this industry.